Grease Pirate Megan E LaBonte The Vegan Bus is a 1992 International School Bus with a diesel engine which we converted to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO) with a kit from local conversion experts Greasecar. We have capacity on the bus for 150 gallons of WVO and 60 gallons of diesel, which can take us well over 1000 miles. We replenish the WVO tanks with used fryer oil from Chinese restaurants and other purveyors of fried food. We have an on-board pump and hose system that sucks WVO out of grease dumpsters and into our 55 gallon storage tanks. From there we pump the oil through a filter and into our 40 gallon WVO tank. This tank is heated with copper coils running engine coolant through them. The oil is heated from this point all the way to the engine, passing through another fuel filter on the way.

Read more about the Vegan Bus' Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Conversion Getting WVO on the road is often an adventure, and sometimes we have to go to some lengths... which is why we sometimes refer to ourselves as...

the Vegan Bus Grease Pirates:

The following people have earned their keep by pirating oil on the high plains...

  • Nicole Anastasi: Permaculture Education
  • Star Drooker: Performance Artist, Documentarian, Grant Writer
  • Derek Goodwin: Project Coordinator, Documentarian, Vegan Education & Outreach
  • Megan Labonte: Performance Art Coordinator
  • Scott Lahteine: Computer Programmer, Web Design
  • Claire McRae: Foreign Affairs, Organization and Cataloging
  • Wendell Rheinheimer: Vegetable Oil Conversion & Maintenance
  • Megan Shackelford: Vegan Education, Public Relations, Vegan Baker
  • Jenna Wikler: Performance Artist, Documentarian

Check out Grease Pirates Megan "Hoop Master Sass" Labonte, Derek "Substance D-Funk" Goodwin, Jenna "J-Bean" Wikler, Nicole Anastasi along with special guests Kid Hoopasonic, Mr Ed, and Gina "the Gimp" Gaetz in the youtube video sensation "Getcha Hoop On"...