[smooth=id:10] Megan Shackelford is known around western massachusetts as a vegan baker extraordinaire. She founded Oh Sweet Mama's vegan bakery in 2004 and it quickly became the favorite source of sweets for vegans and non-vegans alike. In 2009 Megan went on a 6 month journey through India and sold her business to Cafe Evolution, but kept the right to use her recipes. She is currently living in Leverett, MA and happy to fulfill special orders for anyone who wants to experience the bliss of her decadent delights.

Here are a few of the Vegan Baked Goods Oh Sweet Mama Megan offers:

  • Vegan Wedding Cakes
  • Vegan Cookies
  • Vegan Brownies
  • Vegan Cupcakes
  • Vegan Raspberry Bars (wheat & sugar free)
  • Vegan Cheesecakes (gluten-free)
  • Raw Bliss Balls

Megan can be contacted by phone at (413) 367-0240 or by email meganvegan at gmail.com