The Vegan Bus Solar Installation Project The Vegan Bus is dedicated to awakening social awareness of the immediate need for a shift to sustainable energy. We will be going to schools and other events to talk about the realities of where we are at with global climate change, and what paths to sustainability are truly viable. As part of our education and outreach The Vegan Bus wants to showcase solar energy as one of the best alternative energy sources for the future. The centerpiece of our solar showcase will be two photovoltaic solar panels on the top of the bus that will charge a bank of deep cell batteries and store enough energy to run various appliances and devices on board the bus.

From Concept to Final Work

A minimum 260-Watt solar photovoltaic (PV) system will be added to the bus. Two or more solar panels (rated for RV and Marine use) will run along the top front of the bus. They will connect to a deep cycle battery system below the bus that will store the energy. The batteries will output to an inverter that will translate the energy from the 12 Volt Batteries into 120 Volt power. From the inverter a wiring system will distribute the power to outlets on the bus to power lights, refrigeration, computers, and a PA system we will use in our outreach.

The Vegan Bus and Sustainability The Vegan Bus' mission is to promote solar and wind technologies, sustainable biofuels, and a plant-based diet. We believe it will take vast acts of imagination to transform our civilizations to conscious and sustainable ones. It is the mission of the artist to help people transcend their traditions and evolutionary inertias. What we offer is an artistic statement on wheels that attracts people by its very nature and gives them something to think about. An artwork they can admire from the outside, or climb aboard and engage". Added to that we have a group of performers and activists to convey a sustainable message in a variety of ways.

Think Globally, Act Locally As citizens of Pioneer Valley we are committed to local outreach. The bus travels to local events and schools to educate, and can also to transport local people to events near and far. With our network of musicians, dancers, hula hoopers and DJs we are able to have amazing events that bring people together for fun while giving them an education at the same time. On any given day a giant school bus with solar panels draws a crowd wherever it goes, and creates a local buzz. We also try to use local labor and products for all of our bus upgrades and additions.

Local actions create ripple effects that go out into the world. The Vegan Bus travels on longer tours. Our maiden voyage took us on a 6,000 mile round trip from Northampton to Nevada and back. We definitely get noticed wherever we go! As we go forward we will be stopping in many places around the US to help spread our message.

Please Donate! The Vegan Bus can not do very much without some money, but with a little money we can do a lot. We are forever thankful for any donations!