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Charlotte and Cat's Northampton Wedding

Charlotte & Cat's Thank You card
Charlotte & Cat's Thank You card

Charlotte & Cat had a wonderfully creative wedding on a beautiful August day in 2008. They planned a lot of their own rituals and had locally grown flowers, a bicycle carriage to transport them, and a vegan wedding cake and wedding cupcakes made by Oh Sweet Mama's vegan bakery.

Their ceremony was held at Child's Park in Northampton, MA. The beautiful flower garden was in full bloom, and as you can see in the photos it made for a great backdrop for the formals and also for candids of the guests as they wandered around in it. After the ceremony the guests walked to Charlotte and Cat's nearby home, where a huge tent was set up for the reception. The food was prepared by friends and family for the most part, and was incredibly delicious. Every part of the day was thought out and somewhat unconventional, which made for a feeling of intimacy that is absent in many weddings which follow the usual wedding-day script. I really love photographing weddings like this, where I get to experience uniqueness.

Charlotte and Cat, thanks for choosing me to be your photographer and allowing me to take these great photos and share your special day with you!