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Maya & Nick: August 15, 2009

The bride & groom touch noses and break into a smile

The bride & groom touch noses and break into a smile

Maya and Nick got married on a beautiful summer day in August of 2009. It was my first time visiting or photographing at the Eric Carle Museum of Picturebook Art in Hadley, MA on the Hampshire College Campus. It turned out to be a really great place for photos. You usually can't go wrong with museums as far as backgrounds are concerned, but this one has a modern spacious feel that I really appreciate. Maybe because it was designed for children's books art it spoke to the child in me.

The ceremony was held outside and it was at the perfect time in the afternoon, so that by the time we got to the formals there were long rays of golden light coming from the west, what I like to call "god lighting".  Maya and Nick were a pleasure to work with, and I put them at ease enough that their poses look very natural. The reception room was a photographer's dream with all the white walls to bounce my flash off of. Looking at the photos you can really see the whole room was having fun.

Congratulations Maya & NIck, may you find many years of happiness!