Gay & Lesbian Weddings


On May 17, 2004 I was living in Northampton, Massachusetts. This was the auspicious day that same-sex marriages were first legalized in the state, and MA was the first state in the country to grant this basic civil right. During the first hours I hung out behind City Hall with the long line of couples waiting to get their marriage license. I took photos of many of them, and offered them free digital copies by email. I knew that it was an historic day, and shared in the joy with my friends and community. I began photographing gay & lesbian weddings that year and feel honored to have been a part of a true showing of love and courage.

I love photographing weddings of all kinds, and give each one the best I have to give. With same-sex weddings I feel some extra 'pride' that my images are not only memories and keepsakes for couples, families, and friends; but also historical documents from a time when human consciousness is expanding and compassion is growing. 

If you are getting married, I would love to be your photographer!