The Power of Art on Wheels

The Vegan Bus with a flying pig

"The phrase "when pigs fly" is an adynaton—a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it describes an impossibility." ~Wikipedia

I have been thinking a lot for the last couple of years about reviving the Vegan Bus Project. While we did amazing things with the bus, it has never reached its full potential. Sure, we drove over 2,000 miles to Burning Man on our maiden voyage, and were featured on Supreme Master TV... but we never raised the money we needed to kick some serious ass and bring the vegan message to the masses like I had dreamed when we started.

For the last 3 years the bus has been parked in various locations, waiting for me to make up my mind. The bus has never left my heart, and I have decided the only way to do it is to do it right. My vision is a pig with wings. When pigs fly the world will become vegan. The bus already has a cute snubby pig nose, all it needs is the rest. Wings with solar panels that power a PA system. A stage that lowers from the side of the bus and provides a platform for performance art, music, yoga classes, lectures, you name it. LED lights all around, and other technologies that exemplify green.

Before we start the fundraising, we want to get some artists' renderings of what the bus could look like. We are putting out a call to visual artists, graphic designers, engineers, or anyone who has magical powers of creativity to help us visualize the bus as a pig. Once we get some nice ideas and art to inspire people with, we will start a crowdsource fundraiser complete with a video featuring vintage vegan bus footage and the submitted visions of the bus. The shit is going to go viral. To contribute your art or ideas to the project please contact us! All contributors will receive some Vegan Bus swag, and lots of love and appreciation in our future endeavors.

This post anticipates the release of my interview on Our Hen House podcast tomorrow, where I will officially announce the revitalization of the project.

This post did not anticipate this cool art vehicle by one of my favorite artists, Banksy. His piece "Sirens of the Lambs" is driving around the Meat Packing District in NYC, an animal transport vehicle with stuffed farm animals bleating and crying with their heads hanging out the narrow opening. Do you think this is powerful art? Another vehicle of transformation?

Vegan Bus to Burning Man 2007: Photo Gallery

The Vegan Bus has been on hiatus for a while, but we will be making announcements about future plans for the bus soon! Derek Goodwin recently posted his photo gallery from the 2007 maiden voyage of the bus on its trip from Northampton, Massachusetts to Black Rock City, Nevada. Inspired his 2006 experience at Burning Man, Derek saw the need for a vegan presence at the festival and began the Vegan Bus project.

Where Is the Vegan Bus?

The Vegan Bus at its undisclosed location in Western MA The Vegan Bus is currently "Out of Service" and parked safely on the property of a supporter who lives in Western Massachusetts. As the founder and visionary of the project, I have been pursuing other life goals, while keeping the bus and my vision for it alive in my heart.

In 2010 I began spending my winters in New Orleans, where I discovered Jivamukti Yoga. In 2011 I became a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and in April of this year I was hired by Jivamukti Yoga to become the project manager for an ambitious new web site that we are about to launch. This was the cause for my move to NYC.

Now that I have become established in NYC, and am connecting to the vegan scene there, I have been considering the fate of the Vegan Bus Project, and am happy to say that I am still enthusiastic about it and am going to start fund-raising and organizing for the project in NYC, where there are considerably more resources than in Western MA for vegans and our crazy ideas.

We have also resurrected Vegan Radio in NYC, with my new co-host Lo Vee, and it will play a part in promoting and documenting the Vegan Bus Project.

My connection to Western MA is still strong, as well as to Woodstock, NY, and to New York City. It is likely that the bus will become a part of all of these communities, and a shared resource for vegans in the northeast and beyond. While the plans and ideas get sorted out I will keep you posted through this blog.

Nov 4, 2011 Raquy & the Cavemen

Raquy & the Cavemen will be performing in Northampton Nov 4, 2011

November 4, 2011 at 8:30PM Karuna Center for Yoga and the Healing Arts 25 Main Street, Third Floor • Northampton, MA 01060

Raquy and the Cavemen are a duo of virtuoso drummers / multi-instrumentalists who bring hard rock energy to the mystical rhythms of the Middle East. They will be returning to Northampton for the 4th year in a row to help raise funds for local non-profit Evolvegan's Vegan Bus Project.

Raquy and the Cavemen switch between energetic drumming compositions and intoxicating melodic pieces. Utilizing a variety of unusual instruments including the Kemenche (an ancestor of the violin), Dumset (Middle Eastern drumset) and Mongolian Throat singing (see full instrument descriptions below), Raquy and the Cavemen's huge sound and mind-blowing show leaves listeners transported, uplifted and full of joy.


Local favorites Manavi will also be performing. Manavi is a troupe of dancers and musicians based in Northampton, MA. Featuring three captivating and unique belly dancers - Felicia Malachite, Sugati and Sahina, Manavi plays original music as well as traditional classic Middle Eastern songs.

Raquy will also be teaching a Dumbek Drumming Workshop

5:30-7:00PM on Friday November 4, 2011 $25 or $35 with concert ticket - beginner to intermediate Karma's 3rd floor Yoga Studio, 48 Main St, Northampton, 01060.

Raquy lives part time in Istanbul where she performs and practices with virtuoso Turkish drummers, especially her main teacher Bunyamin Olguncan. She performed there with Okay Temiz. She has also appeared on Turkish Television with Ross Daly and Okay Temiz. Raquy has released two popular Dumbek Instructional Kits that include a book, a DVD and a CD. She also has her own line of custom dumbeks. Find all this and more at her online store.


Bookapalooza 2010

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14th from 1-5PM Old Dynamite Records Space at lower level of THORNES MARKETPLACE 150 Main St in Northampton, MA 01060


Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth! BOOKAPALOOZA is a fundraiser for EVOLVEGAN, a non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles through skill sharing and conscious evolution.

We are bringing you a earth-friendly way to ease into the holidays with gifts and recipes and community and fun! We will have authors on hand with cookbooks, art and photography books, and more. We will also have a selection of books on vegetarianism, environmentalism, religion, and social justice available from Lantern Books. There will be yummy vegan food to sample and buy (see below).

There will be live art and music performances, a kombucha-making demo, children's activities, a silent auction, raffle, massage table, gift vendors, and unpredictable shenanigans galore!

Whatever you do you won't want to miss the madness that is the first annual Evolvegan BOOKAPALOOZA!!!


We will also have a selection of books on vegetarianism, environmentalism, religion, and social justice available from Lantern Books


  • Bone Flower Botanikals live food delicacies and elixirs.
  • Dharma Boutique Fairly Traded, Sacred Gifts from India and Afghanistan
  • Divine Treasures Decadent vegan chocolates (available locally at Cornucopia)
  • Inspirit Common providing hot chai and metaphysical gifts
  • Lantern Books books on vegetarianism, environmentalism, religion, and social justice
  • Love Alive - High Vibrational Living Foods for Ecstatic Super-Beings!
  • Massages by Susan Brudner (currently scheduling appointments at Karma)
  • Oh Sweet Mama's Vegan Bakery Decadent vegan baked goods and wedding cakes
  • Solentiname Fair trade colorful hand made gifts from Nicaragua
  • Free Food Samples of holiday recipes from the cookbooks we are featuring


  • 1:00pm - Tarab Orkestar (music and dance ensemble under the influence of Middle Eastern rhythms)
  • 1:45pm - Readings by Featured Authors
  • 2:00pm - Spacelord Scott (acoustic intrerlude)
  • 2:30pm - Acroyoga Demonstration
  • 3:00 PM The Acoustic Kelvins
  • 4:00 PM - The Rosettes
  • 4:45pm - Closing Banter and Ukulele Dance Party
  • 5:00pm - Event Ends

Thanks to our CONTRIBUTORS!:

Special thanks to VEGFUND for a $150 grant to allow us give free food samples at the event!!

facebook_50pxVisit BOOKAPALOOZA on Facebook

Investigate and/or order our featured books online here:

Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farm Animals in Stories and Photographs Don't Eat Me cookbook

Sept 24th: Vegan Pizza with the Pleasants

The Pleasants at Cafe Evolution

Friday September 24th, 7PM, at Cafe Evolution!

Last year we had a successful fundraiser featuring a live set from the indie folk goddess AMANDA ROGERS. This year Amanda is part of a duo called THE PLEASANTS and is touring the Northeast once again. The duo will be gracing us with a performance at CAFE EVOLUTION. We will be serving up VEGAN PIZZA from master chef Heather Bargeron along with BUFFALO TEMPEH and VEGAN BLUE CHEESE DRESSING from our secret recipe vault. The regular CAFE EVOLUTION menu will also be available, along with their decadent vegan desserts.


Mixing equal parts whiskey, dusty earth, and spring water, The Pleasants evoke a strange sense of longing for simpler times and lyrically draw on past experiences when young hearts and minds are unspoiled and uncorrupted by modern exploitations. Sometimes described as intense folk but best described as “Indie Grunge”, The Pleasants weave together music familiar yet altogether new. Bonded by their love of REAL music, this song-writing duo (Amanda Rogers and Mike Matta) has bounded on their musical journey to writing “the most undeniably best song ever.”

CAFE EVOLUTION 22 Chestnut St. Florence, MA 413-586-0200 Google Map of Evolution NO COVER! PIZZA & WINGS @ 5:30PM MUSIC @ 7PM


October 2nd Raquy & the Cavemen fundraiser

We are happy to announce that Raquy and the Cavemen will be coming back for the third year in a row to help raise funds for the Vegan Bus! Hailing from Brooklyn Raquy brings traditional Middle Eastern music and modern drumming together for a unique sound. Raquy has traveled to and immersed herself in the musical cultures of the Middle East, Egypt and India. Raquy performs with the Dumbek (Arabic hand drum) and the Iranian Kamanche, similar to a violin.

The show will begin with performances by local musicians and belly dancers. Musicians will include Amanda Turk, who studies with Raquy, as well as Christopher Phillips, Sharon Arslanian, & Stephen Malachite. Dancers include Sugati Phillips, Felicia Malachite and Sahina.

Raw vegan treats will be for sale from

Bone Flower Tea Botanikal Lounge and Raw Delights Bar - Herbalista Creatrix Venus Zephyr brings raw delights and herbal medicine into synergistic harmony. (Please bring a re~usable cup~travel mug or mason jar for the infusion, elixir and tea bar). A portion of the proceeds will go to the Vegan Bus Project.

Bone Flower Botanikals is a local woman owned herbal apothecary and healing practice.Community Herbalist Venus Zephyr brings spiritually charged botanika and wise woman herbalism together to create herbal delights, medicines and formulas honoring botanical traditions from cultures around the globe. All Bone Flower Offerings are Organic, Locally sourced when possible, grown and harvested by the cycles of the moon, seasons and astrological influences to create the most potent products and offerings.

OCTOBER 2, 2010 at 7:30PM KARUNA CENTER for YOGA & HEALING ARTS 25 Main Street, Third Floor • Northampton, MA 01060

Tickets are $15 at the door. Children 12 & under are $7

Drumming Workshop Raquy will be teaching a special all-levels Dumbek workshop (Middle Eastern drumming) at the Karuna Center on Saturday October 2nd at 4pm. Bring your own drum if you have one (we will have several extras). Workshop is $20 or $30 with concert.

Workshop $20


Vegan Bus on Supreme Master TV

Here it is, the Supreme Master TV documentary on the Vegan Bus! This was filmed last October at the Ashfield Fall Festival. The Supreme Master is donating $1500 to the Vegan Bus as stated in the end of the video. This will happen on August 29th at the Loving Hut restaurant in Worcester, MA. Anyone who is interested in coming with us on the bus from Northampton can contact us through this site.

Schedule for August 29th Ceremony:

  • 9:00 AM: Leave Northampton
  • 11:00 AM: Vegan Bus Activity at Elm Park with vegan treats, performances & leafleting.
  • 12:00PM: Vegan Bus showing in front of Loving Hut
  • 12:30PM: Lunch at Loving Hut
  • 1:00PM: donation presentation
  • 1:15PM: speech from the Vegan Bus
  • 2-3 PM: Leave Worcester

group photo of the Vegan Bus and Supreme Master crews with the Vegan Bus

The Vegan Bus is going to Wildfire!

the Vegan Bus jumps through a ring of fire! WildFire is the East Coast's premier spinning and fire arts training camp. The Vegan Bus is putting together a Vegan Circus to tour with, and so Wildfire seems like the perfect event to make an appearance at with the bus. We will be traveling from Northampton, MA to Ashford, CT and hope to pick up some wayward fire dancers on the way. If you are interested in traveling with us please contact us!

We will be leaving on Friday, August 20th and returning on Monday, August 23rd. To help fund the Vegan Bus Project we are asking for a suggested donation of $30 for the round trip, or $20 for one way. If there is interest we can swing through Hartford, CT or other areas that are slightly off of the route. We can also pick people up from the Hartford Airport. Once we know who is interested we will post a more specific schedule for the trip.

Google Map of Vegan Bus Route View Larger Map

Supreme Master Clip to Debut July 25th...

Giving out doughnuts and vegan info at the Ashfield Fall Fest (caution: some of these links go to pages that play audio without warning...)

Last October Supreme Master Television visited us to make a mini documentary. We gave them a tour of the bus and took them on a trip to the Ashfield Fall Festival to hand out vegan doughnuts and propaganda. The bus was decorated for Halloween, and some of us were dressed up, too. We were hoping to inject surrealism into the spiritual message we knew we would become a part of. It's all a great mystery, after all. The finished product, On the Road to Love: The Journey of The Vegan Bus, is debutingon July 25th at 4am, 10am, 4pm, and 10pm EST as part of the Good People Good Works series. The series "celebrates modern day heroes who help others and strives for the altruistic ideals to better society." That sounds like us, we thinks.

The show can be viewed on the web or on one of the 14 satellite television feeds distributed around the world in 40 languages with subtitles. We are about to become international superstars! Perhaps it will also be playing at the Loving Hut restaurant in Worcester, MA?

Be sure to check out our photo gallery of the Supreme Master visit.

Interdependence Day Block Party in Philly July 4th!

Free Family Fun for July 4th with the Vegan Bus, the Ultimate Green Machine!

mother and child hula hooping

Join The Vegan BusPublic Eye: Artists for Animals, Peace Advocacy Network, and Vegan Drinks Philly for a 4th of July block party!

Have fun with hula-hoops, face painting, arts-and-crafts, and games for children! Live music with Saint Mad from 1:00-3:00pm. Enjoy free vegan food samples (while they last). Bring a picnic lunch, beverages, and lawn chairs for your family. Friendly pets are welcome. Dickinson Square Park, which has a playground, is at the end of the block. Evening festivities will continue in the park, including fire dancing!

Date: Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Time: Noon-9:00pm (block party noon-7pm, Dickinson Square noon-9pm), live music 1:00-3:00pm

Location: Fernon Street between 2nd and Moyamensing in South Philly, party includes Dickinson Square Park (near the intersection of Tasker, E. Moyamensing, & Fernon)

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Vegan Bake Sale: Saturday June 26!

Vegan Bake Sale June 26, 2010 This Saturday, June 26th, the amazing Cooks for Compassion will be hosting a vegan bake sale to raise money and awareness for the Vegan Bus and Evolvegan.

The bake sale starts 10am and ends at 2pm (or when every goodie is sold out)

Front lawn of the Unitarian Church 220 Main Street Northampton, MA 01060

If you are interested in donating vegan baked goods or raw food snacks please contact us. Otherwise, show up on Saturday for some yummy vegan goodness and to help a great cause!

Vegan Bake Sale Report

[smooth=id:11;] We would like to thank Evolvegan board member Alice Cherng for organizing this year's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale event in Northampton on May 1st, and also everyone who baked, volunteered, and bought baked goods. Alice gave this report...

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the bake sale.  We raised $286!!!!  That's amazing!!!  Thanks to everyone who donated baked goods, helped with the baking party, manned the table, passed out literature, played music, and supported us in any way.  All the money raised will go to The Vegan Bus to help with their outreach tour this year.  On behalf of the animals, thank you again for your undying support!

We hope to have the Vegan Bus out and about soon, with more fun events coming up!

Northampton Vegan Bake Sale Fundraiser 2010!

The Vegan Bus and Cooks for Compassion present Vegan Bake Sale in Noho as part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale.

We'll have cookies, we'll have muffins, we'll have candy, we'll have cupcakes, and much much more.  With the generosity of VegFund, we will also be giving away bunch of FREE cookies.  Yes, you read that right, FREE cookies!!  So you really have no reason not to come.

All funds raised at this bake sale will go to benefit The Vegan Bus to continue its outreach programs.  So whether you LOVE vegan sweets or just want to introduce your friends to some vegan sweets, please stop by our table and support our cause.  Join us for this worldwide movement!

Vegan Bake Sale in Noho Saturday, May 1 Starts 9:30am and ends with every goodie is sold out

Front lawn of the Unitarian Church 220 Main Street Northampton, MA 01060

Check the event out on Facebook and also become a fan of Evolvegan, the non-profit supporting the Vegan Bus.

The bake sale will be along the route of the annual Northampton Pride Parade...

The Bus is Back!

Bus parked at Porcupine Hills Farm for the winter. 2009 was a transitional year for the Vegan Bus. We were often frustrated by mechanical difficulties, mainly having to do with the brakes and brake lines breaking, true to their nature. We were thwarted from bringing the bus to a planned July 4th event in Philadelphia and then the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down in August. We still attended by car, and out of these adversities we grew stronger.

2009 is the year we formed a non-profit called Evolvegan to fund the bus, Vegan Radio, and other projects that combine art, media and outreach. We put together a really great board of directors to help us face the challenges of the future. We also got to get the bus out on the road in October. We were filmed by the Supreme Master TV for a documentary clip, and handed out vegan donuts and propaganda at the Ashfield Fall Festival (view the photos here).

group photo with the Vegan Bus and Supreme Master crews

Once the weather got too cold to run the bus we took it off the road and stored it at board member Heather Bargeron's farm, where it is (hopefully) sitting now. Founder and president Derek Goodwin migrated to New Orleans for the winter to form a southern base for the project. Not one to waste any time, he soon became the New Orleans Vegan Examiner and joined in helping organize the New Orleans VeggieFest. He is planning his return in May to begin working on upgrading the bus inside and out for a planned tour in July.


The Vegan Bus crew will also be making an appearance at the Veggie Pride Parade in NYC on May 16th. Unfortunately they won't allow the bus in the parade...

Stay tuned for updates on the tour, fund raising events and other shenanigans as the warm weather returns to New England and the bus wakes from hibernation!





PLUS - A HOLIDAY GIFT SALE for inexpensive gifts to give the people you love and reduce your shopping stress! We will have vegan shirts, cards, photographs by Derek Goodwin, Christmas Cookies, Chocolates, Solstice Cards, and more..


PLUS - A DANCE PARTY featuring DJ Brando and other guest DJ's starting at 8PM (BYOB)

CAFE EVOLUTION 22 Chestnut Street in Florence, MA 01062 413.586.0200

FOOD Starts at 5:30PM DANCE Starts at 8:00PM (till 11pm?) HOLIDAY GIFT SALE - All Night!

Visit this event on FACEBOOK

Vegan Diner III Wednesday October 14th

[singlepic id=40 w=320 h=240 float=center] Join us for the 3rd Vegan Diner fundraiser for the Vegan Bus, featuring seasonal vegetables along side the usual diner comfort foods. Apple/Soysage Pastry Rolls, Seasoned Squash, Buffalo Tempeh, Sweet Potato Bisquits, Tator Tots, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Home Made Pies, Milkshakes, Spiced Cider, More...

Our musical guest is Amanda Rogers "an indie-pop imagineer possessed by the spirit of beethoven, inspired by the mysteries of the universe, tamed by the pop melodies of the 60's, and reinvented by a strange girl in her pajamas who drinks tea all day philosophizing about the 11th dimension and if her cats have already been there..."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Food Begins: 5:30pm Music Begins: 7:00pm (Suggested $5 donation) Cafe Evolution 22 Chestnut St Northampton, MA 01062

Visit this event on Facebook.

Vegan Diner II - Southern Style

Vegan Diner II Southern Style Our first Vegan Diner night was so successful we are going to do it again! This time southern style... southern fried tofu, corn fritters, black eyed peas and collards, cajun sweet potato fries, buffalo tempeh, bisquits and gravy, milkshakes, peach cobbler, apple pie, and more....

Musical guests are Tina Collins and Jenny Bird, folksy Appalachian music, sure to soothe your summertime yearnings.

Wednesday August 19th from 5:30-9:00pm Cafe Evolution 22 Chestnut Street Florence, MA 01062

Music starts at 7pm with a suggested donation of $5.00

Go Down to the Hoe Down!

Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down 2009 Last year The Vegan Bus was all set to go to the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down when our brake line broke, spilling brake fluid and making us feel sad. This year the bus has brand new brakes and brake lines, and are planning to make a spectacular stop at this year's Hoe Down! What's a Hoe Down? Farm Sanctuary puts it this way...

Join Farm Sanctuary for a memorable weekend at our New York Shelter during our annual Country Hoe Down! This popular event features presentations by well-known speakers in the movement providing current information on animal protection and vegan issues.

In addition to educational and inspiring lectures and presentations, guests will enjoy camping at the sanctuary with other animal-friendly folks, catered vegan meals, yoga classes, hayrides, a Saturday night barn dance, a bonfire, and (of course) guided tours of our shelter that is home to hundreds of rescued farm animals.

Registration for this event is $100 per person. Along with access to all lectures, tours and entertainment options, registration includes all meals (beginning with breakfast on Saturday and ending with lunch on Sunday).

This one-of-a-kind event is an outstanding opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, connect with like-minded people, and become a member of the Farm Sanctuary family. We hope to see you there!

We are offering a limited amount of rides with us for a donation of $40. We will be leaving from Northampton Massachusetts Friday in the early afternoon and returning Sunday evening. The ride will take about 7 hours each way. We will provide some snacks for the ride. We are willing to consider picking up people on the route if it does not cause us a significant delay (see map below for route). If you have any questions please contact us!

You need to register for the event through Farm Sanctuary, it is not included in the cost of riding on the bus. Registration deadline is July 24th! This is a camping event so be sure to read Farm Sanctuary's Hoe down camping web page.

Round Trip $40

View Larger Map

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in Northampton!

Flyer for the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in Northampton, MA On June 20 through June 28 (two weekends and the weekdays in between), groups from across the world will hold vegan bake sales as part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Each participating group gets to choose its venue, what to sell, and how it uses the proceeds. We will be holding two separate sales in Northampton, MA with proceeds going to the Vegan Bus.

Both sales will take place on Saturday, June 27th. The first sale will be from 11am until 2pm in front of the Unitarian Church in downtown Northampton, which is in a prime location next to Pulaski Park and should receive lots of foot traffic. Whatever is left from that sale we will sell later the same evening at our Raquy and the Cavemen fundraising event.

At the sale in the park we will also be handing out literature about the horrors of animal agriculture and the beauty of the vegan diet. We welcome anyone who is interested to make some vegan baked goods for us to sell. Please contact us if you are interested. We would also love volunteers to hang out at the table with us to help with sales and talking to people about veganism.

Here are some Vegan Baking Tips...

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in Northampton, MA