Welcome to the Vegan Bus!

the vegan bus welcome to the vegan bus, our bran new little website! this is a project i have dreamed up after going to the burning man festival last year. i hope to gather a group of friends and comrades to purchase/obtain an old school bus, convert it to run on vegetable oil, trick it out with vegan-related art, and then drive it to burning man 2007!

after burning man the bus will be used to tour around north america with activists, going to schools and events spreading the vegan message in a positive way. no images of slaughtered animals, no videos of foxes being mangled by leghold traps. the bus will draw attention through the use of art, positive images of farm animals, and our crew of performers, educators, and happy well-adjusted vegans. i imagine a vehicle that will draw curious people wherever we go, and spark many conversations that have the potential to open minds and change hearts. we will also of course have literature on board to leave with people to help them make the changes they will be inspired to make!

so far we are still in the planning stages, but we have a few people on board and lots of interest. if you would like to be involved you can contact me through this website or join in our discussion forums on tribe.net. this website is brand new and will be evolving over time, and there will be much more information available here soon!

go vegan - for the animals, for the planet, for fun and for adventure! get on the bus!!!