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Vegan Bus Bellydancing Workshops!


The Vegan Bus Project is proud to bring vegan bellydancer extraordinaire Amethyst to Massachusetts for our next series of fun-d-raising events! Amethyst is a Bellydance Instructor, Performer, and Event Coordinator, currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been bellydancing since 1997, and instructing since 2001. Since 1997, Amethyst has studied with many teachers of various bellydance styles, including recent lessons and workshops with Karim Nagi (Turbo Tabla), Rachel Kay Brookmire of Sahara Dance (Classical Egyptian style), Elizabeth "Artemis" Mourat (Turkish styles) and Heather Stants. Amethyst appreciates classical and contemporary bellydance, Middle Eastern and American, and has developed her own style through exploration of variety, the rave/electronica scene, travel and other experiences. She will be donating half of all money earned from the workshops to our project!

American Cane Bellydance Workshop

Wednesday May 23 from 7:45-9:15 PM Shaolin Kung Fu and Fitness Center 100 University Drive, Amherst MA

This dance is full of earthy stomps, vibrations and popping. It's tribal nature and music differs from the traditional Egyptian cane dancing with saiidi music. This dance will not be traditional cane, but instead will be an earthy tribal style of dance and music. Some bellydance class experience is helpful, but if you are a new beginner, you are welcome to jump in and try since the dance will be taught in easy-to-understand sections! You must bring your own cane or stick. Cost $30 (50% will go to the Vegan Bus!) To prepay for this class through Paypal or for more information please click here!

Wild Tribal Choreography Workshop

Saturday May 26 from 1:30-3:00 PM Upstairs Studio (Fitzwillies Building) 25 Main Street, Northampton MA

Amethyst will teach a 1.5 hour tribal bellydance choreography workshop for intermediate-level students which will include both structured and improvisational dance sections. The choreography is a variationof a group dance performed in the DVD ElectroBelly, in which Amethyst co-stars with her partners Shanti and Astarte. Some bellydance and improvisational experience is required for this fast-paced dance, although the step combinations will be taught in sections in a clear and understandable way. Come learn a wild and earthy choreography! Cost $30 in advance, $36 at the door (50% will go to the Vegan Bus!)

Amethyst to Co-Host on Vegan Radio!!

Thursday, May 24th at Noon Eastern Time!

Listen to the show streaming live at ValleyFree Radio (103.3FM in Northampton, MA) or check out the podcast at

See Amethyst Perform Live!!

Thursday May 24th at 6:30 PM the Art Bridge 100 Brook Road, Shelburne MA

Dance performances by Amethyst, Attar Mellea, Peridata, Baseema, Tiamet and more. Followed by live music by Mawwal musicians.

Hope to see you there!