Burning Man Dates and Route!

Burning Man Map

We are very close to getting a bus, and our maiden voyage will be to Burning Man 2007. The theme of the festival is The Green Man and the entire city infrastructure for 40,000 people will be powered by Bio-Fuel! We will be driving from Northampton Massachsetts to the Black Rock desert near Gerlach, Nevada where the festival is held every year, in our Bio-Bus.

  • Tentative Date of Departure: Friday, August 24th
  • Expected Date of Arrival at Burning Man: Wednesday, August 29th
  • Leave Burning Man: Sunday, September 2nd (After Temple Burn?)
  • Expected Arrival in Northampton: Thursday, September 6th
  • Days of Trip: 14
  • Days at Burning Man: 5
  • Total Distance (one way): 2,848 miles
  • Total Hours Driving (one way): 42

We have created a GOOGLE MAP OF OUR ROUTE. At the time of this posting the map just shows the route themind of the machine chose for us, but we are hoping to pick up some stray burners and vegans along the way. If you are interested in riding with us for any leg of the journey please let us know. We are willing to bend the route a bit to make new friends, seek out some thrills, and to experience great vegan food!

We will also need people and places along the way to hook us up with grease! If you are or know of a restaurant on our route with used fryer oil to contribute please contact us! We have filters and the equipment to extract the oil from the storage bins and store it on our bus or in our tank. Restaurants usually have to pay to dispose of the oil, so we can help trim the bottom line for purveyors of fried food.

So far the recommended route takes us through:

  • Massachusetts
  • New York State (Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo)
  • Ohio (Cleveland)
  • Michigan and Indiana (Along the border of the two states)
  • Illinois (Chicago)
  • Iowa (Des Moines)
  • Nebraska (Omaha)
  • Wyoming and Colorado (border of two states)
  • Utah (Salt Lake City)
  • Nevada (Burning Man!)

If you aren't quite shure how you got here and what this is all about check out our site links to learn more about Burning Man, Bio Buses, Veganism and more...