Summer '07 Fund Raiser Videos

winter view from my office window Outside my office window the snow is falling and the plows and shovelers can't seem to keep up. This New England winter has made up for the lack of snow we had the past two winters, with one storm after the next. The fresh snow is of course quite beautiful, blanketing all the cigarette butts, sidewalks and SUVs in pristine white powdery fluff. Most New Englander's balance their bouts of winter blahs and depression with awe and epiphany when the snow falls hard. It has the power to slow commerce and bring friends and families together to gather around fireplaces and wood stoves. Hundreds of babies are also conceived during these times as bodies snuggle together for warmth. Times like these bloggers can go on endlessly about nothing in particular, just to enjoy the feeling on typing words to the imagined pitter-patter of snowflakes landing one upon another.

It was as I sat here looking over my vegan websites that I Googled "Vegan Bus" and found a couple of hula-hooping videos from our July 18th 2007 Pizza and Beer Fund Raiser. They made me long for the days of tee shirts and sandals, hula hoops and Vegan Bus adventures. I got the same feeling a few days ago when it was unseasonably warm and I fired up the bus and let it run for a few minutes. There is something very special about our bus, a feeling of elatedness I get when I am inside.

I hope these videos will help you all feel a little breeze of summer blowing out of your monitors and through your hair.

Megan E Labonte (aka Hoopmaster Sass) hoops to RESPECT at the Vegan Bus "Pizza and Beer" Fund Raiser

Kevin works out his foot trick at the Vegan Bus "Pizza and Beer" Fund Raiser

Amanda Turk spinning glow poi at the Vegan Bus "SHOKAZOBA & L.E.D. Dance Party" Fund Raiser

And of course this one, which has become a youtube phenomenon and includes several vegan bus riders...

Getcha Hoop On!