Vegan Bus Gearing Up For 2008!

The Vegan Bus in Nevada 2007 Our web site has been a bit quiet lately, and I apologize. The bus was taken off the road for the winter in order to save money on insurance. We found out on a trip to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in November of 2007 that the heating system was not adequate, and doing any kind of remodeling on the bus in the midst of a harsh New England winter did not seem like much fun.

Now that the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and the grease is becoming more viscous, we are looking forward to getting the bus back on the road!

July 24, 2008: We regret that we will not be taking the Vegan Bus to Burning Man this year due to finances and circumstance. We look forward to doing it up right in 2009...

Burning Man 2008! The BIG news is that we have decided to go to Burning Man again this year! Last year we got the bus less than a month before we drove 3000 miles to Nevada and it made for some stress and frantic work schedules. This year we have more time to plan and more experience to contribute, so it should be a smooth ride... he he. The exact dates are still to be determined, but it will be the last part of August through the 1st week of September.

We are looking for some new riders this time around, to mix things up a bit and keep it fresh. Anyone who is somewhere between Northampton, MA and the Black Rock desert in Nevada is welcome to apply, just contact us through this site! We will provide a earth-friendly ride, vegan food and optional camping. We are willing to veer a bit off route to pick people up. Check out the route we took last year for an idea of the route this year.

August 1-3: Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down We have a weekend trip to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY planned for people who want to take a shorter trip and see one of the most peaceful and inspiring places on the planet. Here is the blurb from Farm Sanctuary's site about that:

Join like-minded animal advocates for an energizing and educational weekend conference at our New York Shelter. Offering up-to-date information on critical farm animal issues, groundbreaking campaigns, and effective advocacy strategies, the Hoe Down is an inspirational event for activists of all experience levels. Highlights include an exciting lineup of animal protection speakers, shelter time with the animals, delightful vegan food, and an evening barn dance.

We will provide travel and the option of sleeping on the bus, or you can bring a tent. Prices TBA.

We will also be doing some day trips to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, NY.

If you are interested in hearing more about upcoming events, or participating in the Vegan Bus project in any way, please sign up for our email list here: