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Day After the Election Shindig featuring Robert Blake

Vegan Bus 2008 Election Shindig Wednesday November 5th, 2008 Cafe Evolution 22 Chestnut St in Florence, MA Doors & Pizza at 5:30PM; Robert Blake at 7PM Suggested Donation $5

Join us the night after the election to prepare for whatever future awaits us with comfort foods for the soul and belly. We will be featuring a performance by the folk-punk-celtic-blues-speed strumming anarchist legend from Washington, Robert Blake. We will also be featuring Heather Bargeron's Amazing Vegan Pizza, and of course fabulous Desserts by Oh Sweet Mama's Vegan Bakery! Proceeds from the food sales will go to benefit the Vegan Bus.

About Robert Blake:

Equipped with his solemn & only companion- his guitar. Singing, writing, and strumming songs of lost loves, bicycles, old hotels, politics and long hot drives, Robert Blake has rambled coast to coast, island to island and country to country singing in basements, bars, backyards, and holding cells….

Blake's musical and spiritual roots are in being a folksinger. He unashamedly draws from folk sources and at the same time brings a careful modern appraisal to the process. His music stems from old style influences from Woody Guthrie to the plaintive Leonard Cohen, Dylan, some Billy Bragg, some John Darnielle, and something Irish, but mostly your going to hear Robert Blake. With his majestic poetically endured songs reaching out and touching the listener, pulling them gently and ever so respectfully in, taking them on an embarking tour of self discovery.

Robert Sarazin Blake is an American singer-songwriter hailing from Bellingham, WA. Blake is generally considered a folk musician, though his music incorporates elements of traditional Celtic songwriters, modern punk rock, country, and blues all blended together with a heavy dose of improvisation. This melding of varying genres produces a "speed strumming style" that functions as a backdrop to Blake's narrative style of songwriting. Although Blake also writes songs centered around love and his personal life, his leftist-anarchist politics feature prominently in many of his works. ~Wikipedia