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2008 Winter Solstice Thanks and Photos

The Vegan Bus thanks our supporters! Thanks so much to everyone for supporting the Vegan Bus at our December 2008 Solstice Fundraiser. Special thanks to Northampton Center For The Arts for the space and Shokazoba and DJ Brando for the music. To Chaya Grossberg, Brian Chevalier, and all the others who played during the open stage. Thanks to Jahara and the Femm Aesthetik for coming at the last minute to share their dance performance with us, it really made for a wonderful transition into drumming and dancing. It was really cool to watch artist Dana Wilde create two lovely paintings throughout the evening. Thanks also to artists Lauren Pakradooni and George W. Meyers for displaying their work.

Special thanks to Oh Sweet Mama's Vegan Bakery and Katalyst Kombucha for providing food and drinks. We are sorry the raw pizza fell through! Gratitude Gear was selling the funky clothes everyone was trying on. A very special thanks to the donors for our raffle:

  • East Heaven Hot Tubs
  • Elbow Room Cafe
  • River Valley Market
  • Green Fields Market)
  • Sid Vintage
  • Tofu A-Go-Go
  • Vegan Cookbooks from Leah Esrick.
  • We would like to REALLY thank Adam and Collective Copies for hooking us up with flyers and postcards. And lastly big hugs to Julia Handschuh for help organizing the open stage, for Leah Esrick, Gina Gates, Alisa Kowal, Sarah Peters, Wendell Rheinheimer, and everyone who volunteered and made it happen. It takes a community to raise a bus and we are grateful for every person in ours.

    These photos were taken with a new camera as we were learning to use it, but there is some good stuff. If anyone reading this has photos from that night please pass them along!