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Vegan Bus Looking For Interns!

twins The Vegan Bus is gearing up to go on tour this summer and we are looking for passionate people to help us achieve our goals for 2009. These positions are great opportunities to work with an imaginative and progressive organization, to build your resume, and to contribute to the animal rights movement. While we can not compensate monetarily just yet, we can help you get college credit and we also promise you will have fun. There will be yummy vegan food provided while you are working with us as well! Did we mention tee shirts? and of course you will be invited to attend events on and off the road with the bus! The following positions are available:


We are looking for enthusiastic people to help organize our summer tour, research and write grants, and develop programs based around performance art and humane education. If you are vegan friendly, creative, have good writing or PR skills, passion, and a desire to change the world, please contact us for more information!


Looking for a well-rounded designer-programmer to work as an intern. We have an existing site with hundreds of members that you will help overhaul (not the Vegan Bus website). You will work closely with our in house web guru who has been programming since Atari was the hottest thing out there. This is a great chance to expand your knowledge, work with interesting people, and be treated to vegan food that doesn’t suck. You will of course be helping save animals. There will also be opportunities to go on tour with The Vegan Bus over the summer, which is tied in to this project. We will work with your school to help you get credit. The metaphysical benefits are immense. After all, you will be helping to shape the future of human evolution.

Qualified candidates should know:

  • Should be familiar with the concept of semantic markup.
  • Experience with Wordpress or Drupal a major plus. (We'll be using Drupal.)
  • We'll also be exploring AJAX and other Web 2.0 magic, learning as we go.


This position would entail working on the project listed above as well as helping produce a printed zine in conjunction with the launch of the revamped website. Same benefits as above. You will be working with Vegan Bus founder Derek Goodwin. Expect to have fun!

Qualified candidates should know:

  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS helpful
  • Flash Animation

Contact Us Through this website about any of the listed positions.