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Vegan Bake Sale Report

[smooth=id:11;] We would like to thank Evolvegan board member Alice Cherng for organizing this year's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale event in Northampton on May 1st, and also everyone who baked, volunteered, and bought baked goods. Alice gave this report...

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the bake sale.  We raised $286!!!!  That's amazing!!!  Thanks to everyone who donated baked goods, helped with the baking party, manned the table, passed out literature, played music, and supported us in any way.  All the money raised will go to The Vegan Bus to help with their outreach tour this year.  On behalf of the animals, thank you again for your undying support!

We hope to have the Vegan Bus out and about soon, with more fun events coming up!