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Supreme Master Clip to Debut July 25th...

Giving out doughnuts and vegan info at the Ashfield Fall Fest (caution: some of these links go to pages that play audio without warning...)

Last October Supreme Master Television visited us to make a mini documentary. We gave them a tour of the bus and took them on a trip to the Ashfield Fall Festival to hand out vegan doughnuts and propaganda. The bus was decorated for Halloween, and some of us were dressed up, too. We were hoping to inject surrealism into the spiritual message we knew we would become a part of. It's all a great mystery, after all. The finished product, On the Road to Love: The Journey of The Vegan Bus, is debutingon July 25th at 4am, 10am, 4pm, and 10pm EST as part of the Good People Good Works series. The series "celebrates modern day heroes who help others and strives for the altruistic ideals to better society." That sounds like us, we thinks.

The show can be viewed on the web or on one of the 14 satellite television feeds distributed around the world in 40 languages with subtitles. We are about to become international superstars! Perhaps it will also be playing at the Loving Hut restaurant in Worcester, MA?

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