The Vegan Bus is going to Wildfire!

the Vegan Bus jumps through a ring of fire! WildFire is the East Coast's premier spinning and fire arts training camp. The Vegan Bus is putting together a Vegan Circus to tour with, and so Wildfire seems like the perfect event to make an appearance at with the bus. We will be traveling from Northampton, MA to Ashford, CT and hope to pick up some wayward fire dancers on the way. If you are interested in traveling with us please contact us!

We will be leaving on Friday, August 20th and returning on Monday, August 23rd. To help fund the Vegan Bus Project we are asking for a suggested donation of $30 for the round trip, or $20 for one way. If there is interest we can swing through Hartford, CT or other areas that are slightly off of the route. We can also pick people up from the Hartford Airport. Once we know who is interested we will post a more specific schedule for the trip.

Google Map of Vegan Bus Route View Larger Map