Derek Pashupa Goodwin

The Vegan Bus

A Vehicle of Transformation...

Where Is the Vegan Bus?

The Vegan Bus at its undisclosed location in Western MA The Vegan Bus is currently "Out of Service" and parked safely on the property of a supporter who lives in Western Massachusetts. As the founder and visionary of the project, I have been pursuing other life goals, while keeping the bus and my vision for it alive in my heart.

In 2010 I began spending my winters in New Orleans, where I discovered Jivamukti Yoga. In 2011 I became a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and in April of this year I was hired by Jivamukti Yoga to become the project manager for an ambitious new web site that we are about to launch. This was the cause for my move to NYC.

Now that I have become established in NYC, and am connecting to the vegan scene there, I have been considering the fate of the Vegan Bus Project, and am happy to say that I am still enthusiastic about it and am going to start fund-raising and organizing for the project in NYC, where there are considerably more resources than in Western MA for vegans and our crazy ideas.

We have also resurrected Vegan Radio in NYC, with my new co-host Lo Vee, and it will play a part in promoting and documenting the Vegan Bus Project.

My connection to Western MA is still strong, as well as to Woodstock, NY, and to New York City. It is likely that the bus will become a part of all of these communities, and a shared resource for vegans in the northeast and beyond. While the plans and ideas get sorted out I will keep you posted through this blog.