My yoga photos hit the news stands

The Art of Healing Magazine, June 2011 While I was away at Jivamukti yoga teacher training my photos from the NOLA Yoga Photography Project were busy getting themselves into magazines. The first was my photo of Libby Bryan, my beloved Jivamukti teacher in New Orleans (and soon moving to Austria). I was contacted by Catherine, the editor of The Art of Healing magazine in Australia, who found my photos on flickr. She said "Your photography is like a sigh of relief - finally, someone is shooting yoga in the real world!" I am honored to have my photograph featured on the cover of their June 2011 issue!

Mary Kuzmovich doing utthita trikonasana in Jefferson Square, New Orleans

The second photo from the project to make it into publication was this one of my friend Mary Kuzmovich. Mary was one of the first people I photographed for the project and we thought it would be funny to do some shots in Jackson Square, where gazillions of tourists pose for photos in front of the statue of Andrew Jackson on his horse, with the St. Louis Cathedral in the background.

This choice worked in my favor when Yoga Journal was looking for pictures of yoga in New Orleans to use in their August 2011 issue for an article called "10 unlikely cities where yoga is thriving". The picture is pretty fun, and I am honored to have it featured in the premier yoga magazine. Mary is also very excited to be a yoga superstar. I was dissapointed that the article does not mention the studio I practice at, Swan River Yoga, which is one of the largest and best in the city.

Well, I guess my career as a yoga photographer is officially launched! Thanks everyone who has supported me, and to the magazines that found my work and featured it. I have only begun!