Giving thanks and taking names

Last night I finished my yoga teaching marathon. I taught 8 classes in 3 days! It was an initiation ritual the universe gifted me with, marking my return to Swan River Yoga in New Orleans as a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday Keith Porteous, Alison Androw, Lindsey Crow, Cassie Segal, and Tess Monaghan all needed subs, and I was able to help out. I give thanks to each of you for giving me this wonderful chance to serve (dhanyavada is the Sanskrit word for giving thanks, seva means selfless service). I subbed six classes and taught my two scheduled classes for the first time. Each class I subbed had several wonderful students (or holy beings, as we Jivamuktis call them).

Keith Porteous in Audobon Park, performing Eka Pada Rajakapotasana at 9 months pregnant

Along with all the teaching I got to check in the students for most of the classes, a task typically performed by a regular volunteer who then gets to take the class for free. Thus I was also able to get re-aquanted with the MindBody software. And to take names.

Things I noticed:

  • There were seven students in the first class and seven students in the last class. They were the largest classes. My sweet friend Sarah House was the only one who showed up for my smallest class (my own class). It was wonderful. Swaha.
  • I am getting better at telling stories.
  • The new Swan River studio in the Marigny is gorgeous and the acoustics are beautiful for chanting and ukulele. Next I must bring my Harmonium!
  • I have conquered my fear of beginner's classes, and realize that helping a new student discover yoga is a wondrous thing.
  • The feedback I got was wonderful. Some of it came from my student's smiling faces, and some from some very kind words I heard. What a blessing to be able to share yoga with people!

Swan River founder and co-owner Michele Baker

After my last class I got to take the a class with my dear teacher Keith Porteous, the first time I have seen her since my teacher training. Next Sunday I will be subbing for her at 5:30pm, after teaching my own two classes.