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Introducing the new Jivamukti Yoga Web Editor!

There is big news today in the world of Pashupa. I have been chosen to be the Web Editor for the soon-to-be-launched Jivamukti Yoga web site!

The position is my dream job, combining many of the talents and skills I have accumulated over the years of my life. I will be working with Jivamukti teachers and centers around the world overall responsibility for all aspects of developing, launching and maintaining the new website, which will become the global online hub of Jivamukti Yoga.


I had applied for the job about a month ago when I got an email from Jivamukti about the opening. The applicant's were to write a letter explaining why they felt they were suited for the job, and I wrote mine that same night and then edited and submitted it the next morning. It was purely a stream of consciousness, describing my vegan projects, web design skills, and passion for being a Jivamukti yogi.

On Mardi Gras day as I was walking from hanging out with my friends on the shore of the Mississippi River after the St. Anne's Parade (see my photos here) to my job with NOLA Pedicabs, I got a call from Ganeshadas to set up a Skype interview on Ash Wednesday with Sharon Gannon, Gopal and himself. Surrounded by the madness of Fat Tuesday and costumed freaks I was hardly able to believe that it was happening.

The next day I got to see my beloved teacher on my computer screen, and had my brain inspected by three sharp yogis while I went through emotional and mental whirlings of my mind trying to represent my true self and ideas. I was still recovering from losing my voice over the weekend and had to pause the interview while I had a coughing fit I was afraid wouldn't end, but eventually it passed and I completed the interview and was offered the job!

There are no words to tell how grateful I am, how excited, how humbled, or how incredibly fortunate. I will be moving to NYC in March to begin, and with the support and encouragement of the Jivamukti community I intend to co-create the best yoga web site in the known universe.

Stay tuned for updates and insights, and if you hear of a place available around NYC in April please let me know! Comments below are appreciated...