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A Poem for the Goats of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Kenneth the goat at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

I used to run a site called Veganica, a hub for vegan artists, which has become a relic of the past. It was there I had my first blog, and recently I went searching on it for a lost cranberry sauce recipe, and instead found a poem I had written in 2006 and forgotten about. I was moved by my own words, and thought I would rescue them from obscurity and illustrate them with some of my goat photographs.

goat at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

For the goats at woodstock sanctuary

animals teach me
to know god 
we are the same wonder 
in different disguises

today i found myself sharing shelter
with you sweet gentle goats
during the lightning storm
all of us
electrified skin and standing hairs
consciousness intensified
all in love with life

my eyes mirrored the rain outside
little drops of thank you
from this soul to eternity
feeling so blessed
so humbled to be in the presence
of you sparks of the divine

i put my hands together in prayer
knowing the suffering that fills the world
tortures your kind
for greedy little pleasures
so easily set aside

today there was a rainbow
from your barn into the mountains
i wiped fresh mud across my face
peaceful warrior
renewing my vows
to love you
to fight for you
to cast my light
into the shadows of ignorance
for you my friends
who are sparks of the divine

Anne as a baby goat at Woodstock Sanctuary

Anne as a baby goat at Woodstock Sanctuary

two goats at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary rubbing heads together
goat at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
goat with tongue out at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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