Derek Pashupa Goodwin Bio

My passion is to help people do good in the world, feel good in their bodies, and look good online.

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The Yogi Photographer

I am a modern yogi, fascinated by the discoveries of science and drawn to the teachings of ancient sages. My belief is that magic is everywhere, bound by the laws of physics.

Every exposure in my camera relies on a complex series of mathematical equations. And yet, reliably, images emerge that are full of emotion, that capture spirit, that spark imagination. Magic!

Like any mastery, I spend hours working the equations until they are effortless. I study the light, I study the mystics, I study faces and personalities. And then our lives intersect, yours and mine, and I am using all of my skills to capture that light in you. The one the yogis speak of when they say, “Namaste.”



Pashupa + Siewli = Pashiewli (pronounced pa-shoo-lee)

Pashupa is my spiritual name. It is Sanskrit, and is an old eponym of Shiva as protector of the animals.

My life partner and partner in yoga, music and photography is Siewli Stark. On photo shoots she helps keep clients looking good with her attention to detail, and feeling good with her sweet personality. As a yoga teacher she helps with subject alignment while I am composing the photos.

We met in an Acroyoga class, and we offer partner yoga workshops together, as well as teaching together at retreats and festivals. We also sing and play sacred mantras and medicine songs together.

She is my muse and my love, and appears frequently in my yoga photos.



I became a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher in 2011, and have been teaching ever since. It is a blessing to be able to share the asana practice, breathing and meditations techniques, and the philosophy and stories of yoga that have enriched my own life immeasurably.

Feel free to contact me for information about my teaching schedule and availability for private lessons.