Derek Pashupa Goodwin Bio

My passion is to help people do good in the world, feel good in their bodies, and look good online.

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The Formative Years

I began like some kids do, with an inexpensive camera that was my gateway into exploring the world around me.

As a boy on a trip to my grandfather’s dairy farm in Kansas, I met a calf who I named Blacky. I fed him every day from a quart-sized baby bottle, and one morning took a photograph of him in his stall. At home a few months later I was looking at the photo, and asked my mother when we could visit him again. She told me he was being raised for veal, and that he had passed on already.

A few years later I would become known for my photography of farm animals living in sanctuaries.



I became a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher in 2011, and have been teaching ever since. It is a blessing to be able to share the asana practice, breathing and meditations techniques, and the philosophy and stories of yoga that have enriched my own life immeasurably.

Feel free to contact me for information about my teaching schedule and availability for private lessons.