Derek Pashupa Goodwin Bio



Yoga and photography are two of the main passions of my life. Yoga brings awareness to the present moment, photography records it. Both depend on posing and alignment. The blending of two loves is a blessing I am grateful for. 

Since graduating from RIT with a BFA in Photography, I have been evolving as a photographer. During the first decade of the millennium I photographed weddings and portraits professionally, and also made a name for myself in the vegan world as a photographer of farmed animals living in sanctuaries. In this second decade I have been exploring the world of yoga and pursuing my love of portraiture. 



I found Jivamukti Yoga, along with Acroyoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork, while living in New Orleans. I was instantly attracted to Jivamukti because of the philosophical emphasis on compassion, in unison with a vigorous vinyasa practice. In 2011 I completed the 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher training, and have been teaching yoga ever since. 

My passion is leading challenging vinyasa classes set to music with focus on breath, alignment and heightened awareness of the present moment. I also enjoy leading gentle flow classes, and working with students of all abilities. 

I love teaching because it truly makes a difference in people's lives. Be it from something as simple as the joy of achieving a new pose, or something as profound as overcoming injury or seeing the world from a new perspective. 




Pashupa + Siewli = Pashiewli (pronounced pa-shoo-lee)

My life partner and partner in all things yoga and photography, Siewli Stark is often with me on photo shoots. She helps keep clients looking good with her attention to detail, and feeling good with her sweet personality. As a yoga teacher she helps with subject alignment while I am composing the photos.

We met in an Acroyoga class, and we offer partner yoga workshops together, as well as teaching together at retreats and festivals.

She is my muse and my love, and appears frequently in my yoga photos.

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