2010 Sacred Reminders

Steps on the Path  from my Night Visions series

Steps on the Path from my Night Visions series

I spent New Year's Eve at a ceremony of letting go and welcoming in. Just where I needed to be. Burned a pile of old old letters in the bonfire at midnight. Howled at the beautiful blue moon, shrouded in fog. Two lunar months since my heart got broken. 12 days before my journey into the south begins. Oh-one oh-one one-oh. Numbers are sometimes poetry.

Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Make room for the new by exhaling the old. Let go of judgement. Be in the moment. Community. Emptiness. Endless cats and one-armed beavers.

I cannot fathom what it is that speaks to me. Grandfather spirits, ancestors, drumming, singing, togetherness in our aloneness. Shedding possessions feels like stretching my wings. Ready to fly. Passion into obsession, compassion into love. Flowing with the water, burning in the fire, reflecting in the moon. A collision sends my spirit into orbit, shifts my magnetic north, humbles me completely. Suddenly it is a new decade. Suddenly it is just the present moment over and over again.

I would like to share with you the list of spiritual goals we were given at the ceremony. They are well conceived and relevant. This is the time to evolve again. 

2010 Sacred Reminders

May you all have a meaningful new year, centered in the now, with your hearts open. This is a strange and important time to be alive. Make it count.