Personal Branding Photography with Our Hen House

Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House at Brooklyn’s Lafayette Ave Subway station

Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House at Brooklyn’s Lafayette Ave Subway station

Personal Branding is the latest frontier in the photography world, and once I became familiar with the concept it occurred to me that it is where I have been heading all along. I love working with people and capturing their essence in photos. The rise of the Internet and social media has made all of us who participate, to some extent, into public figures. Some of us use social media as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, and others to promote our businesses, art or activism. And then there are the “Influencers”, those who build large followings and use them to promote brands and movements. This includes celebrities, Industry experts, thought leaders, bloggers, and content creators.

Heading into 2019, I am personally branding myself as a Personal Brand Photographer (I love going meta). As you may know, I have been providing beautiful photography for yogis, event photography and photography for non-profit organizations for several years. In 2018 I began specializing in Headshots. Personal Brand Photography encompasses all of this work, and more.

The article 9 Ways Personal Branding Photography Can Massively Grow Your Business in the Huffington Post breaks down many of the ways an Influencer or Entrepreneur can use Personal Brand Photography: on websites, in social media, in newsletters and email blasts, to promote speaking engagements, print marketing, and whenever media reaches out for images.

If you are someone who has a business or a following you want to build, I am here to help! Great-looking professional photography will give your personal brand a visual style that is appealing and builds trust (and followers). If you are interested in finding out more, contact me now!


As a long-time vegan I have had the privilege of working with many great activists and organizations over the years. As I prepare for this journey of re-branding myself as a Personal Brand Photographer and sharing some of my portfolios, my work with Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House immediately came to mind. I met Jasmin over ten years ago when I was doing some volunteer photography for Farm Sanctuary, and she has been a friend and client of mine ever since.

Our Hen House call themselves "a multi-media hive of opportunities for change."  Their goal is "to effectively mainstream the movement to end the exploitation of animals," and to do that they have created a highly successful podcast network, blog and for a while had a TV show airing on Brooklyn Independent Media (I was a guest on one of their episodes). In 2015 they invited me to come capture them at work on the show. One of the photos I took ended up in an ad that was placed at a couple of Brooklyn subway stops. The last photo in the series below shows them sitting by the ad as a passenger gets on the bus (more meta!). 


Jasmin Singer Author Photo

Jasmin had me take a portrait of her to use in her book Always Too Much and Never Enough, released in 2016. We did this one on the streets in Williamsburg, the hippest part of Brooklyn, where only people with tattoo sleeves are allowed to show their arms.

In 2018 I met up with the Hens in Germantown, NY, at Mariann’s home. We did a branding photoshoot that included some indoor and outdoor portraits, as well as capturing them recording an intro for their upcoming podcast.

To connect with Our Hen House, visit them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or on their website.

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