Monday Headshot Salon


Heashots for the rest of us

I get a lot of requests for headshots for Linkedin, and from entrepreneurs and professionals who need a quick and easy headshot to get started with. I believe that everyone deserves a great headshot, and want to make it fun & affordable. That's why I created the Monday Headshot Salon!

WTF is a Headshot Salon?

Thanks for asking. Normally I charge over $200 for a headshot, and I set up my studio just for you. I help you find a hair and makeup person, and we go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.

For the Monday Headshot Salon, I have the studio set up to shoot several headshots in one evening. There is wine, tea and snacks available. No hair stylist or makeup, and we just have fun. You can bring friends, network with other professionals, hang out and chat. This is great for people who are stressed by cameras and formality.

Whats included?

  • 30 minutes of photography
  • web-sized proofs that are yours to keep, perfect for social media (about 20-30 pics)
  • 1 professionally retouched image at high resolution, suitable for printing
  • As always, I have a money-back garauntee if you are not thrilled with the results!

Only $149!

Use the scheduler below to sign up. Remember this is only good for Monday evenings from 4pm to 9pm, so please don't sign up any other day of the week unless you want to pay my regular headshot prices.