This is a page to let you know what I'm up to, nowadays.

2019-04-21 COSM volunteer group.jpg

Volunteering at COSM

This is from April 2019 full moon at COSM, where I volunteered in the Mushroom Cafe. I have been a fan of the artwork of Alex Grey since I started visiting NYC in the aughts, when the full moon gatherings were held in Manhattan. I have been yearning to be a part of this community and this is my first step at making that happen.

“CoSM stands for Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. The Sacred Mirrors, a series of artworks by Alex Grey, allow us to see ourselves and each other as reflections of the divine. The mission of CoSM is to build a sacred temple to inspire a global community and leave a legacy of our creative spiritual generation.”


Teaching Yoga

I am excited to be leading a yoga retreat with my fiancée Siewli Stark at Tamerlaine Sanctuary in July 2019, TBA soon! Siewli and I will be teaching a partner yoga workshop at Yoga Solé on July 28th, 2019.

I teach regular classes at:

Manny Cantor Fitness Center

Jivamukti Yoga Jersey City

Citigroup Headquarters

Video Content Creation

I have been expanding my services to include video, this is one of my latest. Leo Results Fitness is my personal trainer, and I am his photo and video guy! Looking forward to exploring this medium more, but still photography is still my bread & coconut oil.

Got Enganged!

On August 21st, 2017 I flew myself and my girlfriend Siewli to Atlanta Georgia. We rented a car and drove to the northern tip of Georgia, and found a spot on Blue Ridge Lake in the path of totality of the Great American Eclipse.

After I took the eclipse photo (Nikon D610 with 70-200mm 2.8 lens) I pulled out a ring while Siewli gazed up with her glasses. I said "check this out" and presented it to her. She said, "What are you doing!" and was taken aback for a few minutes before she finally said, "yes!"

To answer the question everyone inevitably asks, no we don't have a date. We might just stay engaged and leave marriage for those who need to be legally bound. Our love is perfect the way it is NOW.

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