Lifestyle Portraits

Use Lifestyle Portraits to tell your story

I work with thought leaders, entreprenuers, health & wellness professionals, activists, artists and non-profits. I seek out those who are making positive changes in the world. My goal is to create a variety of timeless portraits and artful candids that can be used across platforms, to draw attention to your project!

With Lifestyle Portraits you can:

  • Enhance your website with beautiful personalized images
  • Show who you are and what you do
  • Capture real-life events or milestones artistically
  • Create content for social media

Your brand is your story, and a every picture is worth a thousand words.

Humans are visual. A GREAT picture is woth more than a thousand words! It is worth thousands of likes, thousand of followers, thousands of dollars! Whatever you do, whoever you are, people want to connect to the story you share. Images are one of the best ways to connect.

I can help you build your brand story with a portfolio of images that integrate the styles of environmental portraiture, landscape photography, photojournalism, street photography, & fashion photography.


Mariann Sullivan and Jasmine Singer of Our Hen House,  who call themselves "a multi-media hive of opportunities for change."  Their goal is "to effectively mainstream the movement to end the exploitation of animals," and to do that they have created a highly successful podcast network, blog and TV show.

I worked with Mariann and Jasmine while their TV show was airing on Brooklyn Independent Media. One of the photos I took ended up in an ad that was placed at a couple of Brooklyn subway stops. The last photo in the series above shows them sitting by the ad as a passenger gets on the bus.