Values. Vision. Mission.

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Mission Statement

Collaborating with activists, healers, scientists, and visionaries to develop multimedia that educates and empowers human kind to evolve compassionately and consciously.



My life vision is to use the tools of technology, in collaboration with other thought leaders, healers and visionaries, to co-create a lineage of wisdom for the betterment of all beings.


My Core Values

  • I am a storyteller. A well-told story has the power to bring people together, to shape the way we remember the past, and to inspire our vision for the future. Through the use of multimedia (images, sound, words, music & video) I create narratives that provoke mindfulness, encourage compassion, and spur engagement.
  • I am a people person. Meeting people, hearing their stories, and sharing meaningful experiences with them is what gives me joy. I want to help people bring their stories to life through creative use of multimedia and social networking.
  • I love to collaborate and manifest . I believe that the creativity is an innate force that moves through everything that exists. I seek collaborative relationships that tap into shared visions, dance on the boundaries of imagination, and bring positive influence into the world.
  • I am dedicated to mastery. I am a passionate seeker of truth and authenticity, who believes in learning, growing, and sharing. I am constantly improving my technique and the understanding of my craft so that I can create quality work that is timeless and compelling.
  • I am a spiritual activist. I believe the Earth and everything that exists is part of an interconnected web of life, and that every action we take has an effect that ripples out around us. I aspire to live my life and earn my livelihood in ways that protect and honor that connection; that educate against ignorance and agitate against oppression.

Further Reading: NIGHT VISIONS

Photos on this page are from my Night Visions Series, 2004-2010. The posts below are visions I experienced at the time, illustrated with images from that portfolio.