A summer dispatch from Woodstock Sanctuary

A goat at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

A goat at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Just posting some photos from the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary taken this June while I was visiting to photograph a vegan wedding. I just got to editing them a couple days ago, and it was like finding a little treat that I had hidden for myself.

As fate would have it I am here now, after another vegan wedding, sitting cross-legged on a bed in one of the lovely guest rooms. Some kind of allergen has caused flooding in my nasal networks, making breathing through my nose nearly impossible.

Tomorrow at 10am I will be practicing my pranayama breathing at a Jivamukti yoga intensive. They are being held every day this month at the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Ashram, a "76-acre forest preserve in the Catskill Mountains. It is a sanctuary for deer, black bear, raccoons, opussums, coyotes, birds, fish, frogs, snakes, insects, trees, flowers and numerous species of fairies and elemental beings."

The founders of Jivamukti, Sharon Gannon and David Life, are scheduled to be there. They are supporters of Woodstock Sanctuary and Sharon even rides her bike here sometimes. Sharon also wrote the book Yoga and Vegetarianism: The Path to Greater Health and Happiness. I have photographed them at events but this will be my first class studying with them, so I should really be in bed right now. I studied Jivamukti in New Orleans and did a Vegan Radio podcast about the experience, which resonated with a lot of our listeners.