Yoga Photography Portfolios

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How does getting gorgeous yoga photos of yourself help your yoga practice?

Many spiritual seekers and teachers have a block when it comes to success. Are you one of them? The truth is, investing in yourself will bring you the clients you need to really make a difference in the world. I offer everything from yoga photo shoots to branding consultations to help you shine. If your business is yoga, you need great photos to succeed.

I’m camera shy and a not a yogi pretzel. How do I make sure my photos are amazing?

If you are a super-bendy yogi or dancer, then you can make just about any pose look great in a photo. For the rest of us, there is no need to worry. Many of the best looking poses in photos are easy to nail, like peaceful warrior or tree pose. I make sure you are happy with the photos before we finish the shoot.

WTF is YOFA (The Yoga of Facial Anatomy)?

As a yoga teacher and photographer, I think a lot about poses. I developed a system called YOFA: The Yoga of Facial Anatomy that I teach during photo sessions and in workshops. YOFA combines simple physical techniques with breathing, mindfulness and an esoteric pose I call confidentasana to help you look great whenever you are posing for a picture. Even if it’s a picture taken from far away.

Upgrade Your Image. Find your dream clients.

As yoga teachers, our mission is to help others. The divine source of all life, by whatever name you call it, wants you to succeed! There are students waiting for you to step into their lives as a teacher, but they will never find you if you don't take that first step into the light.

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