With two of my students after a class in an art gallery in NYC, April 2014

With two of my students after a class in an art gallery in NYC, April 2014

Pashupa has magical hands and warm presence. I had such an amazing session with him that we immediately scheduled a second and a third. It felt like a luxurious yoga practice and all I had to do was lie down and breathe. ~Khloe Alice

Pashupa is unlike any other yoga teacher I have encountered. He is caring, attentive, and very dedicated to his students. I've been attending Pashupa's Elemental Vinyasa and Open Jivamukti classes for a few months now and recently had the opportunity to attend a Yin yoga class with therapeutic assists. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to hands-on assists and is very encouraging of students to be playful and adventurous while also bringing forth a sense of lightness and humor to the practice. Pashupa is a giving soul who teaches from the heart. It is an honor and a gift to practice in the presence of such beautiful energy. ~Christine H.

I've been coming to Pashupa's classes for about 6 months now, and his class has become a weekly ritual of mine. The combination of physical challenge and mental focus and relaxation that his classes offer helps me tremendously to get through my stressful week with grace. While it can seem a little intimidating for beginners, do not let advanced poses he asks of students scare you. I'm noticing my body getting stronger every week, and in about week 6 I was able to do crow and headstand with relative ease. His hands on adjustments are amazing! I'm always amazed how much deeper I can twist/bend when he's assisting me in a pose. I also love the vibes in his class, it's quite unique and a lot of fun! He is humble and really passionate about teaching and sharing yoga. His playful yet calming energy encourages students to have fun with our practice, and he's great at getting students to do poses that seem a little impossible while encouraging us to listen to and be gentle with our bodies. 

He's also quite knowledgeable about Thai massage. I recently had the opportunity to be worked on by him, and I have gotten a lot of Thai massages in my life, and his was one of the best. His touch is so thoughtful and hands are intuitive, applying pressures in places that my body needed most. 

I highly recommend taking his classes regardless of your skill level. And his Thai massage!  ~Jolene H.

Knowledgeable, attentive, fun, and dedicated. Highly recommend him. Beautiful soul and spirit. Namaste! ~Sophia W.