Working with Yoga Teachers, Bodyworkers, Spiritual and Social Entrepreneurs. Branding Workshops and Photography Sessions to help you improve your brand and find your dream clients!

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Yoga Portfolios. Headshots. Branding Photography & WORKSHOPS.


What’s the secret to finding your dream clients?

I specialize in helping yoga teachers, bodyworkers, spiritual and social entrepreneurs get noticed. There’s lots of competition in the world of sameness, don’t go there! Each of us has something special to share. I help you connect to your gifts, tell the right stories, and find to your true fans.

What you need is within you. Now it’s time to get it out!

Not everyone loves being photographed or making videos—it isn’t a skill we are born with. But they are skills you can develop with a little effort, and it’s a game changer if you are running a small business trying to get noticed. I love to help my camera-shy clients become camera-friendly and charismatic. The confidence gained in front of the camera spreads into your everyday life!

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