NOLA Yoga Photographs featured in Yoga Journal!

I have a wonderful former partner who always told me I had issues, and now that we are best friends she still does. I won't get into those issues here, but I did get into one issue I will tell you about. In their August 2011 issue, Yoga Journal published and article called "10 fantastically yoga-friendly cities" and was kind enough to include New Orleans. In their search for all things yoga in New Orleans, they came across my NOLA Yoga Photography Project, and contacted me wanting to use my photos.

Long story short, they ended up using one of my photos, an iconic image of my friend Mary Kuzmovich in Jackson Square. This is a place where gazillions of tourists pose for photos in front of the statue of Andrew Jackson on his horse, with the St. Louis Cathedral in the background. We thought it would be funny to do the same, never thinking it would end up in a fancy yoga magazine. Swaha!

The only thing that stinks is that Yoga Journal failed to mention Swan River Yoga in the article, the studio where I teach and practice. It was a short piece, but Swan River is one of the best-known and loved studios in the city. Perhaps my mentioning it here will make up for their oversight, since the actual article does not seem to be archived on the web but this post is! Yay Swan River!

Click on the image below to see the article big enough to read the print.

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Yoga Journal Page