Yoga Photography

Professional Yoga Photography & Web Services for Yoga Teachers and Educators

As the world around us seems to flow towards chaos, one of the hopeful signs is that there are more people teaching yoga now than ever before. As a yoga teacher, however, it is hard to turn your passion into a career that sustains you because of all this wonderful competition! Amazing yoga teaching skills aren't enough in the digital age; you also need to project your unique professional image into the marketplace of ideas.

As a yoga teacher I have met hundreds of other teachers, and am amazed at how reluctant so many of them are to invest in their photographs, social media and web presence.  They mistakenly think that putting themselves out there somehow diminishes their spiritual authenticity. In fact, it is just the opposite!

You are the one you have been waiting for

As yoga teachers, our mission is to help others. The divine source of all life, whatever name you call it by, wants you to succeed! If you are shy, that's OK; but your face and your body are gifts from the divine. Your thoughts, words and actions are unique and meant to be shared. 

You are valuable beyond compare

Don't fall for the starving artist mentality. You cannot serve others until you value yourself. The cost of a professional photo session and/or website is nothing compared to the sense of accomplishment you will feel once you reach the hundreds of students waiting to find you. There are so many skilled teachers out there who let their fear of succeeding keep them in a place of stagnancy. Don't be one of them! Take a small step towards the future that beckons you, and it will take a giant step towards you!